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In a nutshell, each month I write a new marketing campaign designed to help you get more clients and sell more homes. Each done-for-you marketing campaign includes:

1. Targeted lead generation advertisements you can use to attract quality leads. These advertisements include pay-per-click advertisements, blog posts, advertorials, articles, blogs posts, and more.

2. A special 8 to 11-page content report designed to automatically convert prospects into clients. Each content report positions you as an expert and will completely set you apart from other real estate professionals. You'll be the author of each report and will have rights to change, modify, and use as you wish for your business.

3. A follow up marketing campaign you can use to get unconverted leads to become clients.

You might be wondering how these "content" reports will help you sell more homes?

Well, each report is really a sales letter for your business. The best part is these sales letters are hidden inside great content. The reader will not see your sales efforts. Instead, they'll be thinking..."I definitely need this person's help."

Prospects Will No Longer See You As A Salesperson.
They Will See You As An Expert

This may not seem like a big deal until you see how this transforms your business. Instead of rejecting you as salesperson, prospects will seek you out for your help. They will WANT your help. This means NO prospecting. They will come to you and ask to become your client.

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The Monthly Marketing Campaigns
Compound Bringing More Clients

Into Your Business Each Month!

As you probably know, marketing campaigns become less effective over time as prospects get used to seeing our marketing messages. The same old..."Free Home Evaluation" offer doesn't work like it used to!

Each month you'll have a new marketing campaign. These campaigns won't grow stale and that's because you won't have to re-run them every week.

Here's a snapshot of a few of Marketing Reports included with the marketing campaigns I'll provide for you...

Believe it or not after a few months, after a few months you'll have enough content from the monthly reports that you'll be able to turn them into your own book!

All you have to do is use each monthly report as it's own chapter! Imagine being able to promote your own book! How many agents in your marketplace have written a book?

Not very many!

You'll have enough content for two books a year!

You can turn each book into another new lead generation campaign.

Here's how this works...

Each month I'll send you one new complete marketing campaign. You can use this campaign to generate and convert new leads as a new marketing campaign. You can also send your report to your entire database as a newsletter.

The report is designed to get prospects to ask to become your client.  The report will do the prospecting for you. You simply run the advertisements and allow the lead conversion tools to do the hard work for you.

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These marketing campaigns COMPOUND with each passing month. This simply means you'll be able to convert more leads into sales as time progresses. Stop and think about it for a minute:

You'll be able to market to the leads you generate this month every month going forward simply by emailing them a new content report!

If a prospect doesn't ask for your help this month, you'll simply continue giving them great content each month until they DO ask to become one of your clients.

Imagine where your business will be in next year after creating this lead conversion pipeline in your business.

You'll Have Automatic Lead Conversion Systems Delivering You New Clients

How much of your time do you spend prospecting right now? Do you host open houses hoping to get new clients? Do you attend networking meetings? Are you constantly asking for referrals from everyone you know?

Well, all of this is finally over.

You'll have automatic marketing systems delivering new clients to you each month. If you want to sell more homes, simply run more of the done-for-you lead generation advertisements and new clients will flow into your business.

You'll Have EXPERT POSITIONING and Prospects Will Ask To Be One Of Your Clients

How frustrating is it when you have to chase every prospect? How frustrating is it when a prospect doesn't value your advice? How frustrating is it that you don't have a pipeline of sales each month?

Let's be 100% honest... it's horrible. I know. I've been there myself. I hated real estate until I learned how to setup these automated marketing systems. These systems will completely change how you do business.

Prospects will WANT to become YOUR client.

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If you decide these marketing campaigns won't help you sell any additional homes, simply send me an email and I'll promptly cancel your membership with no questions asked!