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Rob Minton is considered America’s leading Real Estate Marketing Educator and Consultant.

He has helped thousands of real estate professionals grow their business since 1996, and has created dozens of best selling courses.

Here is an index of his latest and most popular resources.

Best Selling Products

Renegade Reports

This course will teach you how to systematically build your business in just 20 minutes a week. You’ll learn multiple lead generation and conversion strategies. Click here for details

Ultimate Foreclosure Boom

“Why What Practically Every Real Estate Agent In Your Market Is Doing Is DEAD WRONG In Response To This Foreclosure Crisis … And How By Doing the Opposite You Can Dominate Your Market!!” Learn how to dominate the buyer side of the foreclosure market in this report. Click here for details.

52 Follow Up Emails

Automatically stay in touch with your prospects once a week for a full year. A systematic way to keep your name in from of prospects and clients each week. Click here for more information.

31 Days to a Large Database

Follow this 31-step formula … one step a day, and you’ll build a large responsive database of new clients. Click here for more information.

Launch a Profitable “Side” Business

Report details how to launch a part-time side business providing attractive monthly income. Click here for more information.

Renegade Millionaire Strategies Audio Program for Real Estate Agents with Dan Kennedy

Learn how to create a real estate empire that runs without your day to day involvement. Click here for more information

Less Clients More Money ™

Advanced program for agents who want to specialize with real estate investors. Create your own real estate investing membership. Click here for more information.

The 4 Million Dollar Wealth Blueprint

Learn how to create Four Million Dollars of Wealth.  Start applying this Wealth Blueprint today.  Click here for more information.

Raise Your Credit Score

Learn how to raise your credit score so you can purchase more of anything you want.  Get that new car, house, or boat.  Buy more investments.  Save money and improve your monthly cash flow.  Anything is possible with these proven strategies for raising your credit score.  Click Here for more information.

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