Here is the email I received from Nancy Nadler:

Hi Rob,
Do you have a sample resume for submittal to a bank that I can use? I just got my foot in the door for REO’s thru one of my loan reps and I want to be sure I’m accepted. I have participated in lots of sales, but no listings so far (though I have 3 pending I did BPO’s for).  Please help!
My answer: Congrats on the 3 BPOs! I think it is really smart for agents to focus on bank own listing for the next year or so. This will be a profitable "temporary" niche for you. I’m not a bank owned listing specialist. However, a good friend of mine is. He created a information product for real estate agents that is severely under priced. In his product, which I have read, he includes sample resumes with detailed instructions. He also gives you access to list of companies that will hire you for BPOs and their REO listings. If you are series about bank owned listings, you need his product. It will save you hours of time and help you make money faster. You can learn more information about his information product at:
A month or so ago, I interviewed this agent and have recently had the interview transcribed. You can download and read this entire interview here:

Download how_to_list_bank_homes_interview.pdf

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