In a special bonus investing report I’ll be including with the May Cashflownaire newsletter, I’ve detailed 7 costly mistakes average real estate investors make and how you can avoid them yourself.

In this bonus report, I wrote:

“Real estate has historically been one of the best investments in the world, yet there are plenty of stories of real estate failures. It’s not the real estate that fails, though; it’s mistakes made by investors that cause the majority of failed investments.”

Do you agree with this?

Think about it for a few minutes and see if you think I’m correct. In fact, think about a specific real estate failure you’ve made and see if this mistake could have been avoided if you handled things differently.

I’m sharing this because this statement should be thought provoking for you. It certainly was for me. I have had several real estate failures in my life and upon studying each one, I’ve come to the conclusion that I made one or more mistakes that led to the failure.

The best investors do specific things to insure success. They understand where average investors misstep and work hard to proactively avoid similar problems with their investments.

Sadly, I’ve made each of the mistakes detailed in this bonus report. I’ve also learned a great deal from each mistake. I’ve adjusted how I invest and have, thankfully, become a better investor from studying where I went wrong.

If you’d like to study these mistakes and learn how to avoid them, become a Cashflownaire here:

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