As a young man, I wanted equity.

Financial equity, that is.

Financial equity is when the value of your assets exceeds the value of your liabilities.

Today, as a slightly older man, I want Self Equity.

Self Equity is a little hard to explain; however, we can start with the value of your thoughts, ideas, experience, knowledge, health (mental & physical strength) and, last but certainly not least, your self control.

If used properly, Self Equity can be extremely valuable. Far more valuable than financial equity because the only two ways you can access financial equity is to borrow against it, or to sell it.

Both of these options suck, if you ask me.

Why work your ass off to create financial equity that you can’t really access? This is why I believe financial equity is way overrated. This is also why I bang my CASHFLOW drum on a daily basis.

You can use your cashflow without selling any assets, or without having to borrowing against any assets. Cashflow puts food on the table. Financial equity doesn’t.

Self Equity is entirely different.

You can use your Self Equity to get anything AND everything you want in life.

You can use your Self Equity to create a large monthly cashflow, to pay off all of your debt, and to build a financial fortress for your family.

And through all of this, you can also use your Self Equity to create a really good life.

If that’s not good enough, consider the following:

  • You can’t sell your Self Equity.
  • You can’t borrow against your Self Equity.
  • Your Self Equity can’t be stolen, or copied by someone else.
  • Your Self Equity can’t be destroyed in a natural disaster.
  • Your Self Equity IS recession proof.
  • Changes in the economy, interest rates, stock market, or the real estate market have zero impact on your Self Equity.
  • Your Self Equity cannot be taxed.
  • Your Self Equity is available 24/7.
  • Self Equity doesn’t quit, or call in sick (unless you let it).

And oddly enough, there are NO checks that your Self Equity can’t cash.

Your Self Equity is an unlimited bank account for your family.

Maybe the best part about Self Equity is that you can force daily appreciation allowing it to compound massively in weeks, instead of years.

You force daily appreciation of your Self Equity through what you choose to do (and not do) on a daily basis.

Each month in my Cashflownaire Letter, I include a Badass Challenge. These challenges are designed to improve your Self Equity. Do them and your Self Equity improves. Don’t do them… and well, your Self Equity stagnates.

In this month’s Issue, I’ve actually gone one-step further on Pages 10 and 11 by giving you the exact steps you can take to significantly improve your Self Equity.

Become a Cashflownaire here and I’ll send this month’s Issue to you instantly. I promise that your Self Equity will literally skyrocket if you do THIS month’s Badass Challenge.

P.S. You can quickly assess your own Self Equity by how you handle problems. Do you solve the problem(s) on your own using your own ideas, or do you go to someone else for help?

Another way to gauge this is to see where you’re dependent upon someone, or something else. Self Equity gives you the ability to eliminate dependency.

Self Equity allows you to solve your problems using your ideas, your creativity, your experience, your accumulated knowledge, and your self control.

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