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"How Sellers Can Make An Extra $200,000 And Sell Their Homes A Lot Faster"

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Dear Real Estate Professional,

If you want to attract and convert more seller leads for your real estate business, this new marketing campaign will help you BIG time.

Each month, I write a comprehensive new marketing campaign including lead generation advertisements, an 8 to 12 page content report designed to automatically convert leads into clients, multi-step email campaigns, articles and blog posts real estate agents can use to sell more homes.

Each campaign is actually designed to be a newsletter you can send to your database AND a marketing tool you can use to attract new and convert new leads for your business.

My marketing campaigns are typically designed to attract qualified investors. This is because they're the MOST profitable clients you could possibly have, because you can sell multiple homes to the same clients.

This particular campaign is different....


It Will Help You Build a List of Sellers So You
Can Double-End More Sales By Selling These
Homes To Your Buyer And Investor Leads!

This entire campaign has been written around a very powerful marketing hook:


Who wouldn't want to learn how to make an EXTRA $200,000 when selling their home? And that's how you'll be able to turn this campaign into a boatload of new seller leads!

In the report, I highlight how selling with owner financing will allow a seller to make an extra $100,000 to $200,000 on their sale. The strategy detailed will actually help an underwater seller get out from underneath their mortgage.

Included with this complete marketing campaign, you'll receive the following:

1. A done for you 12-page content report designed to get sellers to apply to have their home included in your special program. The content report details the strategy sellers can use to make an extra $200,000 when selling their homes and an application they can complete and send to you so you can see if you would accept them as a client. You'll receive this in Word format and will be able to modify as you wish for your business.

2. A multi-step email sequence you can use to send this report to your database as a monthly newsletter. Simply copy and paste these emails into your CRM software and you'll be able to start converting prospects in your database into new clients.

3. Dozens of lead generation advertisements you can use to offer your content report for free to attract seller leads for your business. These lead generation advertisements include display advertisements, pay-per-click advertisements, advertorials, dealer notes, blog posts and articles.

4. A powerful opt-in web page you can copy where prospects will opt-in to get your content report. Simply copy this page and use it in your lead generation advertisements and you'll convert a lot of visitors into leads!

5. My powerful "Thank You Page" including a lead conversion video designed to get more sellers to apply to have their homes included in your program. The video is all set and ready for you to use right now! Just insert the special code I give you and you'll be ready to go!

6. A follow-up email campaign you can use to convert more leads into clients! This is a proven email sequence designed get a response and increase your home sales!

On a high-level, this content report is designed to be a sales letter for your business. The sales letter is hidden inside great content. The reader will want your help after reading the report.

The best part is...

You Can Have Immediate Access
Right Now for Just $97

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(NOTE: This Marketing Campaign Will Only Be Available for a Limited Time.)

Plus, your investment into this complete marketing campaign is protected by my Money Back Guarantee!


If you don't think this marketing campaign will help you sell just ONE home after trying it in your business, I'll happily refund your purchase with no questions asked!

I look forward to helping you sell more homes!


Rob Minton