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I got my real estate license in the mid 1990s. Times have certainly changed since my journey into real estate began.

Real estate has historically been a one-to-one sales process. We get a lead, work to get an appointment, and then we sign the prospect as a new client and help them with their real estate transaction. In each step of this process, we are only working with one client at a time. In today's environment, we need to learn how to sell to many people – all at the same time.

The home sale numbers are not pretty, and it's harder and harder to find quality clients. We don't have the luxury of wasting a lot of time with someone who won't buy or sell a home. To eliminate this from our businesses, we need to deploy one-to-many sales strategies.

To give you a few ideas of what I mean, consider the following:

1. Is it better to give a listing presentation to one seller or one presentation to 10 sellers?

2. Is it better to meet with one buyer or to meet with 10 buyers at the same time?

3. Is it better to show homes to one buyer or to show five buyers homes?

These three questions should lead to some dramatic shifts in your thinking. What could happen in your business if you began selling one-to-many, instead of one-to-one?

A lot.

Selling one-to-many can be applied in numerous ways. A few ideas for you to consider would be specialized classes, teleseminars, webinars and home-buyer tours. 

The key word above was "specialized," meaning you have to offer something that your target prospect would want to attend. If your target prospect is a buyer looking to buy a luxury home, you would want to host a class, teleseminar or webinar on how to buy a luxury home, or maybe offer a luxury home tour.

When you stop and think about this, you'll realize that it makes a lot of sense. You'll find many benefits to this approach …

  • Massive time savings because you're selling to groups of people
  • Dramatic increase in dollars earned per hour
  • Ability to sign multiple clients at once
  • Huge increase in the number of homes sold
  • Instant expert positioning because you're viewed as a teacher instead of salesperson
  • Social proof of demand for your services

These one-to-many selling opportunities can be used as a lead -conversion tool for unconverted leads in your database by marketing your class/webinar/teleseminar or tour to your database via mail or email. This will allow you to sign more clients and extract more sales from your existing database.

Or better yet, market your class/webinar/teleseminar/tour to the public and attract new prospects to your business. Wouldn't it be great to convert prospects from your database and attract new clients at the same time?

Very, very powerful!

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