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This summer I’ve been reading a book titled, “Big Sur and The Oranges of Hiermonymus Bosch” by Henry Miller. Wikipedia describes Miller as follows:

“Henry Miller was known for breaking literary forms, developing a new sort of semi-autobiographical novel that blended character study, social criticism, philosophical reflection, explicit language, sex, surrealist free association, and mysticism.”

In this particular book, Miller writes about his experiences moving to Big Sur in 1944. He writes the following about one member of their community he calls Mr. X:

“There is one young man in this community who seems to have espoused the kind of wisdom I refer to. He is a man with an independent income, a man of keen intelligence, well educated, sensitive, of excellent character, and capable not only with his hands but with brain and heart. In making life for himself he has apparently chosen to do nothing more than raise a family, provide its members with what he can, and enjoy the life of day to day.

He does everything single-handed, from erecting buildings to raising crops, making wines, and so on. At intervals he hunts and fishes, or just takes off into the wilderness to commune with nature. To the average man he would appear to be just another good citizen, except that he is of better physique than most, enjoys better health, has no vices and no trace of unusual neuroses.

His library is an excellent one, and he is at home in it; he enjoys good music and listens to it frequently. He can hold his own at any sport or game, can vie with the toughest when it comes to hard work, and in general is what might be called “a good fellow,” that is, a man who knows how to mix with others, how to get along with the world. But what he also knows and does, and what the average citizen can not or will not do, is to enjoy solitude, to live simply, to crave nothing, and to share what he has when called upon.”

Mr. X has become my new role model.

– He has an independent income – an income not requiring his labor.
– He is intelligent and well educated.
– He is of excellent character.
– He has chosen to focus on his family and on enjoying each day.
– He is resourceful and can create what he needs.
– He enjoys solitude and time in nature.
– He loves reading and listening to good music.
– He is athletic and can compete with others in any sport.
– He is strong and in great health.
– He might be considered a “bad ass”
– He can easily socialize and get along with others.
– He lives simply.
– He has no vices.
– He craves nothing.
– He doesn’t chase wealth.
– He doesn’t chase fame.

Pretty cool guy, if you ask me.

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    • Josh Schoenly

      Sounds like my new role model as well…

      • Robert Minton

        Josh, Believe it or not, I tried to figure out who Mr. X was! No luck. Hope things are going well for you!

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