I have been writing a great deal about Systems for your business. Today, I want to highlight ONE key system you need to create for your business. Remember, Systems allow you to own a business that runs without your day-to-day involvement. 

Lead Generation: You need advertisements that attract targeted prospects to your business. There are thousands of different advertisements that you can use for your business. Some of these include: advertorials, classified, post card, pay per click, direct mail and banner, etc. These advertisements should be direct response advertisements. This means each advertisement should have a call to action. The prospect must contact you via phone or Internet for more information.

Direct response advertisements are different than image advertisements. Image advertisements are not effective for most real estate agents. They don’t offer any real benefit to the prospect. The prospect really doesn’t care that your a "million dollar" producer. Instead prospects follow the WIFM principle.

Whats In It For Me!

Your direct response advertisements should offer something of value to your targeted prospect. Your Lead Generation System should include a serious of direct response advertisements that will consistently deliver targeted prospects to your business. These direct response advertisements can be planned out in advance. In fact, you could give your advertising representatives a three month schedule telling them exactly when to run your specific advertisements. Now, your lead generation has been systematized in advance.

Imagine what this System would do for your business!

1) Provide a steady stream of new prospects.

2) Because it was pre-planned, it wouldn’t require any of your time from week to week.

3) Your list would be growing automatically from week to week.

Not too bad, huh? Do you have this System in your business? If not, it should be on the top of your "To Do List."

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