I’m a broken record about studying businesses outside of real estate and copying their winning marketing strategies inside of real estate.

One of the best strategies any business can use to get new customers is to offer a “Free Trial” of their product or a “Free Test-Drive” of their service. If you pay attention, you’ll see these offers in almost every industry. Here are a few examples for you to consider:

1. Buy a new GM car and try it for 60 days. If you don’t like the car, you can return it for free. Pretty compelling offer, don’t you think?

2. Netflix trial membership. You can test-drive the Netflix membership for two weeks and watch movies instantly.

3. Most computer software now is sold via free trial. You can get Microsoft Office simply by using their trial offer.

4. Sirius Satellite radio offers a free 7-day trial subscription.

The list of businesses using free trial and free test drive offers is extensive.

Why do these businesses make these offers in their marketing?

Because free trial and test-drive offers deliver new customers and clients. In other words, they work! The reason why they work is because the offer reverses the risk to the buyer. The buyer can try the product or service without obligation. If they like the product or service, they’ll continue using it. If not, they can cancel and move on with their lives. Believe it or not, several people do end up canceling during their trial period period. However, many don’t and the business profits going forward because it now has more customers than it did before the trial offer.

Why don’t we copy these free trial and test-drive marketing campaigns in our businesses?

If you think about it, we actually do the opposite. We make it harder for a prospect to use our services when we force them to sign an exclusive representation agreement. The prospect has all the risk, because they have to agree to work exclusively with us. After everything we’ve been through over the last few years in the real estate market, do you think it makes sense to make it harder for a prospect to do business with us?

I don’t.

Offer sellers an opportunity to test-drive your listing services for 7 days without risk. This gives you an opportunity to work your magic and get buyers through their home. If you don’t get buyers through their home in the first week, they can cancel their listing with no questions asked.

You can use test-drive offers in your marketing or in your listing presentation. I’ll bet you get more listings and sell more homes!

    2 replies to "Sell More Homes Using the “Test-Drive” Strategy"

    • Sean Goerss

      Rob, I did watch the video, and you’ve got me thinking – we had learned the “Buyer Presentation at office” method from a real estate coach years ago. Now you’ve really got me thinking. Thanks.

    • Derrick Ali


      You are truly a marketing genius!
      This is such a brilliant way to capture attention in an overly dry, unexciting marketplace… WHO Offers ‘Free Trials’ or ‘Test-Drives’
      in My Area???

      NO ONE!!!

      That is until TODAY… I am in the midst of readying & re-purposing some of my marketing materials Right Now! And I Will get back to you with my Success results soon!

      Cheers Rob! And Thanks for being Such an AWESOME GIVER and Coach!


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