I was recently interviewed by John Morgan from InternetFuse.com. During the interview, John pummeled me with questions. In fact, during this interview I shared:

1. What led me to transform my business: I explain how I decided to change my business from traditional real estate to working exclusively with real estate investors.

2. Why continuity income in your business is critical for your success: If you could do only one thing for your business in 2009, it should be adding continuity income. Find out why in this interview!

3. 3 BIG mistakes that I've made in my business:
Just like everyone else, I have learned a great deal from trial and error. In the interview, I share 3 costly mistakes that I've made and the lessons learned. I'll bet that if you don't listen to this interview, you'll make these same mistakes in your business, too.

4. How you can accomplish more each day: I share my personal daily work schedule in this interview. You'll learn how I run multiple businesses without working past 3pm on week days and having weekends free for my family.

5. The #1 way to generate revenue for your business.

You can listen to this interview right now by clicking on the play button below. There is no pitch. You don't have to "opt in." It is 100% content. Here it is:


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