I try and watch this video every few months:

Dr. John Kitchin was living what everyone would consider a “dream life.” He had a high paying job and he lived in a beautiful mansion. He owned a BMW, a Ferrari and an exotic animal farm.

Dr. John Exotic? LOL

He said he was doing everything by the standards of society and had intended to just work himself into oblivion until he died.

Then he happened to ask a 93-year old man how to be successful.

The old man replied by saying…


Dr. Kitchin said that for most of his life he had been focused on accumulating material things.

Well, on a drive to work one morning, he realized that he was still “shoveling shit” for money. He was spending his time doing things he didn’t want to do (work) in order to have things he didn’t really want to have.

Things society told us we should strive for in order to be successful.

He was so unhappy and unsatisfied with his work that he was actually thinking about suicide. 🙁

Think about that for a minute…

He had what society would call a dream life and he was so unhappy that he wanted to end it all.

How could someone do everything that society tells us to do and not be happy?

Maybe, just maybe, society is wrong about how to live a good life.

Dr. Kitchin finally decided to just cash in everything and start a new life. He walked away from his great job, his big mansion, his luxury cars, his exotic animal farm and completely reinvented himself.

He now spends most of his time skating and he absolutely loves his life. He lives with the bare essentials in a studio apartment near the beach!

He became so happy that he thought he was going crazy! LOL

P.S. Writing this made me think of this great song about “Society” by Eddy Vedder.

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