I recently started a new 30-day Badass Challenge.

(My Badass Challenges are detailed in the monthly Issues of my Cashflownaire Letter.)

Each Challenge is designed around IMportant things. IMportant things tend to make life better as time passes.

Being able to “see” IMportant things is a superpower in today’s world because we’re constantly bombarded by UNimportant things.

Most people focus on UNimortant things.

They place UNimportant things above IMportant things and end up making costly mistakes in life.

I’ve done this far too many times in my journey. 🙁

When I realized I was making these mistakes, I sat down and made the following two lists:

1. What’s IMPortant?
2. What’s UNimportant?

This helped me immensely! Give it a try and see what you uncover.

As part of my new Badass Challenge, I came across this:


These 40 words contain some very valuable thoughts, don’t they? There’s a lot here for us to think about and possibly apply in our lives.

In fact, after reading Zweig’s words, I ended up jotting down these questions:

Do your goals make your life more valuable?

Are you channeling your time (and money) into things that will make your life more valuable?

Are you using your innate gifts to make the world around you a better place?

Happiness and fulfillment seem to flow from service to others – from using your innate gifts to help others. The more you’re able to do this, the happier you’ll tend to be.

This is what I’ve found in my life.

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