If you want more monthly income, you have four basic options:

  1. Work more – trade more of your precious time for more money.
  2. Buy income producing assets – acquire rental real estate, dividends stocks and bonds.
  3. Create income producing assets – use your ideas, thoughts and various life experiences to create evergreen assets.
  4. Hire other people to create more income for you – to create income producing assets or to buy income producing assets for your benefit.

When the average person wants more income, they’ll usually elect to work more. They believe that time is their only resource, so they exchange this resource for more money. 🙁

If the average person doesn’t elect to work more, they’ll usually move on to the second option of buying income producing assets. To buy income producing assets, they look for traditional income producing assets: stocks, bonds, REITs, etc.

And since these income producing assets are prepacked for average people, they’re valued based upon the income they generate. You can’t buy the Vanguard Long-Term Investment Bond Fund for pennies on the dollar. This is because other investors are willing to pay the going market price.

Average people are forced to pay full price for their income producing assets.

We’re not average.

We’re Cashflownaires.

We walk a different path.

We don’t trade our time for money and we certainly don’t rush out and acquire prepackaged income producing assets, unless we’re doing it strategically.

Instead we turn non-income producing assets into recurring income.

You can learn exactly how to do this in the March Issue of my Cashflownaire Letter, which you can get instantly here.

The reality is that if you always do what average people do, you’ll get what average people get. You can’t do average things expecting exceptional results.


If you want above average monthly income, you have to walk a different path.

You have to think differently. You have to invest differently. You have to BE different.

To be fair, being different is NOT easy. Living an exceptional life is NOT easy. It requires a great deal of thought, self-discipline and strategic action.

Get started here.

P.S. There’s nothing wrong with being average, if that’s what makes you happy. However, the simple fact that you’re reading this right now means that you’re not happy with average. You’re reading this because you want MORE for your life.

Let’s create exceptional lives together.

P.P.S. You can create a lot of extra monthly income by skipping option one and using your time to do options two, three and four.

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