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Today I am preparing for mastermind meetings I'll be hosting here in Cleveland, Ohio over the next few days. I have some of the top agents throughout North America flying into town today for our meeting.

I can honestly tell you that being in a small
mastermind group is extremely powerful. 
I am inspired by what each member is able to accomplish in short periods
of time.  I always leave our meetings
invigorated ready to conquer the world. You can’t imagine the impact of being around motivated, high income,
action oriented people. They think and
act differently than everyone else. I
have come to believe that our success in life has a direct correlation to the
people we associate with on a routine basis. It is critically important for us
to “control” who we associate with because it impacts our thoughts and actions.

In Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think & Grow Rich”, the ninth
step toward riches was the POWER OF THE MASTER MIND.  Napoleon devoted an entire chapter to this
principle of wealth building.  In it he

 “No individual may have great power without availing
himself of the “Master Mind.”  In a
preceding chapter, instructions were given for the creation of plans for the
purpose of translating desire into its monetary equivalent.  If you carry out these instructions with
persistence and intelligence, and use discrimination in the selection of
your “Master Mind” group, your objective will have been halfway reached, even
before you begin to recognize it. 

… A benefit of the Master Mind is obviously
economic. Economic advantages may be
created by any person who surrounds himself with the advice, counsel, and
personal cooperation of a group of men who are willing to lend him wholehearted
aid, in a spirit of perfect harmony.   This
form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great fortune.
  Your understanding of this great truth may
definitely determine your financial status.”

Are you participating in a mastermind group? If not, you really should think about finding or creating one. You won't believe how powerful they are for your business. Be very picky about what mastermind group you join. You want to be in with a group of people that are running faster than you are and doing more in their businesses than average agents. The association with these individuals will pull you up to their level. It did for me.

If you can't find one, start one on your own. Select 8 to 10 entrepreneurs in your area and setup quarterly meetings. Here is the format I use for my mastermind meetings:

1. Each person shares what is working in their businesses. This includes them providing samples of advertisements, sales letters and other marketing materials to all attendees. The goal is to leverage success amongst each member.

2. Each person has the opportunity to present their biggest business challenge. The entire group than brainstorms together on these challenges.

Imagine what it would be like to have 10 sharp entrepreneurs giving you ideas on your specific business challenges. Simply awesome!

If you only implement one idea from my blog, make it this one!

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