Yesterday I received two emails from different Cashflownaire Members. These emails were spaced about seven minutes apart.

Here’s the first email…

“How do I cancel my membership? I got “stuff” going on, too much of my own doing and I’m not actually using the tools and resources I have, time to simplify my life.”
Here’s the second email that arrived just a few minutes later…

“paying off the credit cards – 1 more left – house paid off – car 6 months – almost there man”

This is truly fascinating to me.

One member wants to cancel his life-changing membership because he has “stuff” going on. Following the strategies in the membership, the other member has paid off his home, a few credit cards and will have his car paid off in six months. He’ll soon be debt-free and will live with an amazing peace of mind. The next market crash will have zero impact on him and his family.

The (former) member makes “stuff” his priority and doesn’t do anything with what I teach in the membership. He’s too busy.

One person completely transforms his financial situation and is a stone’s throw away from complete financial freedom, while the other member can’t seem to make time to use the tools and resources provided???

How is this so?

Please understand that I have previously talked with both of these members. They’ve both been through some really hard times. The BIG real estate crash kicked both of their asses, just like it did with mine

How does one person get up, dust themselves off, roll their sleeves up and get back to work leveraging the lessons they’ve learned while the other person stays down?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this.

I desperately want to help the member who just cancelled his membership. I’ve actually tried very hard within the membership to help him change his life. I’ve shared some of my hardest challenges and how I’ve overcome them. I’ve given him ways to change his mindset. I’ve given him dozens of ideas on how to make more cashflow. I’ve given him specific exercises and challenges to complete…. all within the Cashflownaire membership.

Sadly, he’s unable to make time to do these important things.

This is so damn frustrating to me.

I’m horrible at sharing success stories and testimonials, but I receive incredible emails from members on a weekly basis. One member shares how he’s created 3k of monthly cashflow in the last few months. Another member shares how he lost a lot of body fat and now has a two-pack! My “under the radar” member emails me new land investment deals he’s doing each week to create monthly cashflow.

Why do some people take action while others do nothing? I’ll never know.

To those of you who take action and do the hard things, I admire you!

I truly do. You’re special.

Keep kicking ass.

P.S. If you’re ready to make time for the important things AND you’re willing to do hard things to completely transform your life, you can become a Cashflownaire here: