I have THREE goals for my Cashflownaire Membership. I want each member to have a…

1. Mental transformation –  Become a Badass
2. Physical transformation – Get Ripped
3. Financial transformation – Achieve the Position of F#$k You

The reason why I want each member to go through these three transformations is because they allow us to live incredible lives. These three transformations compound massively when combined.

They make us happier, stronger, healthier, and dare I say it – sexier.
They allow us to live WITHOUT limits.

Each transformation has a specific goal. Each goal has a specific action plan. We take action towards these important goals. As we do, we go through a transformation. The transformation is actually more important than the goal, but we’ll save this for another time.

As we take action towards our specific goals, we’re bound to make mistakes, or experience many setbacks (failures).

We treat every mistake, or every failure as a learning opportunity. The reason why is because every single setback makes us better. Setbacks teach us important lessons that help us as we move forward. They make us smarter and they help us thicken our skin.

This means we cannot be afraid of mistakes, failures or setbacks. We must embrace them as they help us become who we need to become.

We also must realize that average people quit when they experience the slightest setback, and this is why they’ll continue living average lives.

Think about it…

We cannot experience a transformation WITHOUT overcoming problems, mistakes, setbacks and failures.

To quote Mr. Andy Dufresne from Shawshank, “We must get busy experiencing problems, mistakes and failures, or get busy dying.” In my opinion, living a life of perceived limits is really not living at all.

Let others avoid taking action because they’re afraid of failure.
We know we can’t become who we want to be UNLESS we fail.

Let others run from problems.
We RUN TO problems because we know they’re ALWAYS profitable.

Let others live lives of quiet desperation because they’ve settled.
We NEVER settle.

So go mess some stuff up today (and then learn what you need to learn)!

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