Today I’m revealing the top 5 business building books obtained from my recent survey to real estate agents. Last week, I posted all of the books recommended in this survey. You can see this entire list at:

Complete List of Recommended Books

We went through the entire list and counted the number of times a book was recommended. The following books had the most recommendations by agents completing the survey. I’ve listed the top 5 books for you in the order of their ranking:

1. "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" by Gary Keller.

2. "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

3. "The E-Myth" by Micheal Gerber

4. "Good to Great" by Jim Collins

5. "The 4 Hour Workweek" by Tim Ferris

For the picture above, I simply grabbed these books from my home bookshelf. It just so happened that I had previously read each of these books. In fact, after reading "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" by Gary Keller, several years ago, I almost launched a Keller Williams franchise in Lake County, Ohio. At the last minute, I decided not to go forward with the franchise. I’ll write about this decision in an upcoming blog post. My decision had nothing to do with Keller Williams. It’s a great company. My decision was based upon my goals. (You can have my posts automatically emailed to you by adding your email address in the box on the top right hand side of the blog.)

I personally learned a great deal from each book above. If you’re reading this blog post and haven’t read a book on the list, I would strongly suggest that you start today. I would almost say these books are recommended reading for agents who are serious about building their businesses.

I’m often amazed at how little real estate agents read, study and learn. From a competition standpoint, it’s actually good news. If you read more than your competitors, you’ll sell more than your competitors. However, from an industry stand point, it’s very scary. No wonder why consumers rank real estate agents low when surveyed.

Make a goal to read at least one book a month. Start with the top 5 list and work your way down. As you read each book, make sure you apply what your learning to your business. The books you read should turn into money. The question you should be asking yourself as you read is:

"How can I use this idea in my business?"

In Renegade Reports, I share various lessons I learned from books and seminars and how I have applied them to my business. The key word in the sentence is "applied." The fantastic information in "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" won’t help you unless you apply it to your business. You have to read, learn and apply. This is the road to a successful business.

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