I absolutely love books published decades ago.

These books, which many people ignore, contain nuggets of gold. This gold is sitting there within the words on the pages. However, nobody is actually looking for it. Everyone today is more concerned about what’s on in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. Or their buying the latest best seller and not actually reading it.

Over the years, I’ve uncovered hundreds of ideas that I’ve  implemented from older books. These ideas have been extremely valuable to me.

In fact, I can think of three different older books that I read and used to generate over a million dollars of income from each book. That’s how valuable older books have been to me. I took an idea from each book and used it to make money.

One book led to over a million dollars simply implementing the ideas in the book exactly as they were outlined. The other two books led to ideas that I tweaked and combined to generate over 25k of monthly income in one of my businesses.

I’m not sure why, but it seems as if books published decades ago have better content.

We incorrectly believe that older content isn’t relevant anymore. This is certainly NOT true. Many of the ideas found in older books can be updated, tweaked and combined today.

The problem is this sifting and sorting of ideas requires work. You’ve got to think about the idea and ask yourself…

“How Can I USE This To My Advantage?”

Well, I recently read a book highlighting hundreds of ways to make more money. This book was published in the year 1900. The book is very thought provoking on many levels.

Consider just a few of the chapter titles and sub-titles:

– Money in Patent Rights
– Money in the Street
– Money in Agencies
– Money in Real Estate
– Money in Fine Arts
– Money in Making People Honest
– Money in the Powers of Nature

These are just some of the chapter titles. There are many more. You can see the author looked for ways to extract money from EVERYTHING. This may actually one of the most important lessons from the book.

I’ll be including this book with my September Cashflownaire Newsletter, which will be released late next week. You can get your hands on this older book by becoming a Cashflownaire here:

My hope is that you’ll read this book and extract five different ideas you can use to make more money. This won’t be easy considering how things have changed over the last 118 years. Deep down, I know there’s a million dollar business within this older book.

The question is… will it be your business?