Every once in a while, I do this little 30-minute workout that tests who I am as a person. This workout really is a brutal.

Can you do it?

For this fun Badass workout, you’ll need access to this little “bike from hell:”

This is an Airdyne Bike built by Schwinn and it will rock your world.

I actually purchased my “bike from hell” off Craigslist a few years ago. Oddly enough, the person I bought it from had it for a few years and never used it. It was brand new! The reason why it was brand new is because it’s not a lot of fun to ride. This “bike from hell” fights back when you ride it.

The gym I workout has one. Hopefully, your gym does too. If it doesn’t have a “bike from hell,” get a trial pass to a gym that does have one and give this little workout a whirl.

Before I give you the workout, understand this “bike from hell” is actually great for HIIT workouts. You can get an amazing full body workout in 10-minutes with an aggressive interval plan. Sprint all out for 20-seconds and then recover with a slow ride for 40-seconds. Repeat this ten times and you’re done.

The good news is our little workout isn’t a interval workout. The bad news is our little workout is actually harder than an interval workout.

Here’s the 30-minute workout that may challenge who you are as a person:

After warming up for 5 minutes, get on a “bike from hell” and see if you can ride 9 miles in 30 minutes.

On the surface, this may not sound very difficult. It IS difficult.

The reason why is because it forces you to ride at a fast pace for 30-minutes straight. You can’t hit 9 miles if you reduce your pace for a minute or two. You’ve got to be all in for the entire 30 minutes.

You may actually cry around the 20-minute mark. If you don’t cry, you’ll definitely whimper a little. 🙂

Why would we test ourselves with this workout you might be wondering? We test ourselves with this workout, and other uncomfortable challenges, because we’re Cashflownaires.

As Cashflownaires we embrace discomfort. We embrace strength. We embrace health.

We do things average people are unwilling to do. Average people will not do this workout.

You can become a Cashflownaire here:

I’ve obviously just thrown down a challenge for you.

Will you accept it?

P.S. I did this workout yesterday and my wife thought I was dying!