An hour today is more valuable than an hour 30 years from now.

The time value of money suggests that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future.

The future dollar’s value falls more (and more) the further you go into the future. A dollar today is worth far more than a dollar thirty years from now.

Since this is true, wouldn’t the following also be true…

An hour today is more valuable
than an hour 30 years from now.

Time Today > Time Tomorrow

My oldest daughter will be graduating from college in a few months and will be heading off to London for grad school. My youngest daughter will be graduating from high school in a few months and it looks like she’ll be attending college out of state.

An hour today – with them – is far more valuable an hour one year from now – without them.

This means it would be crazy for me to trade away an hour today in order to have more hours in the future. I’d be trading away a more valuable resource (time now) for a less valuable resource (time in the future).

Now… think about the retirement plan we’ve all been taught to follow and consider if it honors the value of your time today.

It doesn’t.

The retirement plan most people follow places a higher value on future hours and less value on today’s hours.

Time Today < Time Tomorrow

It’s been a year or two since I took Algeee-bra, however, it seems as if we have these formulas messed up!

Especially if you have children at home and older parents.

Your time today is far more valuable than your time in the future.

You become a TIMENAIRE when you understand the true value of your time…. when you stop valuing future time more than you value current time… when you stop trading away current time hoping for more future time.

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