One of my clients, Jeff Preston, emailed a summary of the top 10 reasons why his tenants paid their rent late in 2009. They’re pretty funny. Here they are:

#10. “My work cut my hours”

#9. “May pay week is off this month”

#8. “I’ve been really sick this past week”

#7. “The bank mailed the check to the wrong address”

#6. “My daughter got married and I had to pay for the wedding”

#5. “My brother passed away”

#4. “My car was stolen”

#3. “My nephew was shot in the head and we had to pull the plug on him this past weekend”

#2. “Someone hit me across both knees with a baseball bat at work and I’ve been in the hospital”

#1. “I fell over a wheelchair at work and hit my head. I was in a coma the last few days.”
I absolutely love #2! I have wonder where the tenant works?

Do you have any funny reasons to add to the list? If so, add them in the comments section!

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    • Russell

      I had one tenant were her mom died 4 times in 2.5 years. I know it hurts to lose a parent but to lose one 4 time sucks bigtime

    • Jimmy

      The ONLY excuse we will accept is “I died last night”. We have heard many of these excuses. TheYes, tenants who do not pay are stealing, just the same as not paying utilities is stealing from the gas and electric. One I enjoyed was “my money is just not where I need it to be”. I’m still pondering that one.

    • Curtis

      These are all classic, to bad this seems to be happening more often these days! Nowadays its “I lost my job” instead of “I bought a new x-box so can it wait 2 weeks?”

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