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Last week I was traveling out of State and received a free issue of the USA Today. The story on the front page of the newspaper had the following title:

No One Home: 1 in 9 Housing Units Vacant

The article explains the problems many markets continue to face with regards to foreclosures. It continues to dwell in the problems without offering any real solutions. In fact, here is an excerpt from the article:

"The surge in empty houses, condominiums and apartments is creating a
wave of problems for communities desperate to shore up property values
and tax revenues that pay for services. Vacant homes create upkeep and
safety problems that ripple through neighborhoods."

When will people stop talking about foreclosures and start doing something about them?

I recently created a new program that helps real estate agents attract foreclosure buyers and investors. Information is available at:

I believe foreclosures represent the best opportunity for real estate agents today. This belief is based upon my "insider" knowledge of what marketing is working today and what homes are actually selling. I also believe that every foreclosed home you sell helps your community. It definitely helps home values surrounding the foreclosed home.

This means you get to build a fantastic business and help the community at the same time.

To give you an idea of the opportunity available within the foreclosure niche, consider an email I recently received from an agent I coach. In the email, he indicated that he generated 249 foreclosure buyer leads in ONE week. He ran 4 classified advertisements, a few craigslist advertisements and one advertorial advertisement included in the Ultimate Foreclosure Boom program. His average cost per leads was $2.53. His total investment to generate these leads was $629.97.

Using one of the strategies on this Ultimate Foreclosure Boom program, he automatically signed up 77 of these 249 leads into a free class he is hosting. At this class, he will more than likely schedule at least 25 to 30 new client appointments. These appointments should lead to at least 10 future home sales.

These numbers are incredible from a marketing standpoint. A $629.97 investment into a few lead generation advertisements will ultimately lead to over 10 home sales. More importantly, he will indirectly help his local community and real estate values in his area.

Within every adversity, you'll find opportunity.

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