Video can be a very powerful tool for your business. In fact, you can create
a powerful video from your desk without having a video camera. This can be
accomplished using a screen capture software program. The one I use is called Camtasia Studios.

There are numerous applications available for this in your business. Here are a
few quick ideas:

1. Turn your presentations into videos. This could include free class presentations, your listing presentation or your buyer presentation. These videos would be powerful sales assets for your business. I’ve included a sample video for you below. As you watch this video, remember that I used Camtasia to record this video and it’s now a valuable sales asset for my business. This sales asset can be leveraged 24/7. Here’s the sample:

2. To promote a new listing or a great deal to your buyers list. You could
create a little presentation about the property and record a video highlighting
the details of the home and why it’s a good deal. 

3. As a training tool for future employees and team members. You could
record how you do various things in your business and have your new team
members watch your videos. This would be a massive leverage of your time going

4. To create a video newsletter to stay in contact with your clients. You
could record various MLS searches and provide market updates in your video.
This way, your videos would be extremely valuable to viewers because they
wouldn’t normally have access to this information.

Hopefully, you can see the power of this application in your business.
Below, you’ll find 5 videos that will show you how to use Camtasia to record,
edit and produce powerful videos captured from your computer. Let’s get started:

Camtasia Video #1: Overview

Camtasia Video #2: How to Record

Camtasia Video #3: How to Edit

Camtasia Video #4: How to Enhance

Camtasia Video #5: How to Produce

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