Most agents don’t take the time to stop and think about their business on a high level. They market themselves as a way to differentiate from the competition. Basically, agents say "I’m the best list with me." The problem is the "I’m."

In order to create the ideal real estate sales business, you must focus your marketing on services provided by your business. This is significantly different than marketing your own personal services. You shouldn’t be your business. Your business should be separate from you. If your the business, you’ll never have a successful life.

Your job is to build the business, not sell homes. The majority of agents don’t understand this concept.

A week ago, I interviewed Michael Gerber. If you don’t know Michael’s name, I would strongly suggest you go buy his book titled "The E-Myth Revisited." It will change your life!

In this book, he suggests that you view your business as if it were going to be franchised. Almost as if you were Ray Kroc with McDonalds. Using this philosophy, you would build your business so that it could be cloned over and over again.

How do you do this???

With Systems! Systems allow duplication. Systems can be managed. Systems can be improved. Systems allow you to separate yourself from your business. In my next blog post, I’ll summarize the Systems you need to build a successful real estate sales business.

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