You might be asking yourself, how can a real estate agent learn anything from mixed martial arts??? And no, I’m not suggesting you put a choke hold on one of your irritating clients. Yes, I know the thought has probably crossed your mind! Before you read the remainder of my post, watch the following video. It’s a little long, but it’s awesome. Here it is:

Well, did you see the lesson? Yes, I saw the big guy lose his teeth, but did you see the lesson? Actually, there are several lessons for us in the video. For today’s post, I’m going to discuss just one of the lessons presented. Here it is:

The best fighter was not the biggest. The best fighter was not the strongest. In fact, the best fighter was probably the smallest fighter. How could the smallest fighter become the best fighter?

The smallest fighter became the best fighter by doing the exact opposite of what all other fighters were doing. Before Gracie Jui Jitsu, fighters focused on traditional martial arts (kicking/punching and or boxing.) The Gracie family went the opposite direction by becoming experts at grappling. They became masters at fighting on the ground. Guess what? Most fights end up on the ground. The fighter who is better on the ground usually prevails.

How does this lesson apply to real estate agents? Here are two ways:

1) We must do the opposite of what all other agents do. We cannot copy other agents in our offices or in our marketplace. Before the Gracie family, all fighters copied each other. As such, no one fighter or style really dominated. The Gracie style dominated. You must go the opposite direction. In my real estate business, I went the opposite direction by working exclusively with real estate investors. I stopped listing homes. I stopped working with buyers. I did the opposite and referred sellers and buyers to agents outside of my office. You can learn more about how I did it, in my Renegade Millionaire Strategies program for real estate agents.

2) The Gracie family used their special form of grappling to create an entirely new sport – Ultimate Fighting/Mixed Martial Arts. By doing the exact opposite of everyone else, their business grew dramatically. They now have a massive following and have generated millions of dollars of revenue. Many agents incorrectly think that they will lose money or sales by doing the opposite. This is 100% incorrect. You actually will make more money when you do what others aren’t doing. I certainly did.

There was one additional lesson in the video above. I’m curious if you were able to see it. If you did, it could help your business immensely. If you think you know what the second lesson is, post your thoughts in the comments for this post! I’ll let you know if you’re right!

Before I wrap up this post, I wanted include one more video on the Gracie family. This video is fuzzy, but well worth it. Enjoy!

Rob Minton

Renegade Millionaire Strategies for Real Estate Agents

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