Best selling author Ryan Holiday wrote an article highlighting lessons he learned from Tim Ferriss (The Four Hour Workweek). In this article, he shared a short conversation he had with Ferriss that changed the course of his business and his life. Here it is:

Tim: “Ryan, what do you do with your money?”

Ryan: “Basically I just put it in the bank.”

Tim: “Then why are you doing so many things you dislike to earn more of it?”

This is such a good question, isn’t it? It’s a question we should also ask ourselves. It is asking us to consider if what we do to make money is worth how we spend it. Are we making a good trade? Is what we’re giving up (our time) less valuable than what we’re receiving (what we buy)?

After considering this question, it seems as if Holiday decided to change how he made his money. He decided to stop doing so many things he disliked in order to get money.

Sadly, most people don’t ask themselves this question. They continue doing things they hate for money.

I used to be a CPA working in a large public accounting firm. Most of the people I worked with didn’t really like their jobs. Truth be told, it’s not a lot of fun sitting inside all day looking at financial statements. When someone would leave the firm, they would typically become an accountant for another company. They continued doing work they disliked for money. The reason why is because the money was good. If they left accounting, they would probably make less money… so they stayed. 🙁

This didn’t seem to make much sense to me.

I hated my job. When I quit everyone thought I was crazy to go into real estate sales. Why leave an accounting job I hated to go to a new accounting job I would hate?

I loved real estate. I loved meeting new people. I loved finding good deals. I loved negotiating deals. Real estate didn’t feel like work to me. Accounting did.

The problem we all have to battle is the importance we place on money. If we make money the most important thing, everything else seems to suffer. We agree to do things we don’t want to do.

This why it’s so important to work towards achieving the glorious Position of Fuck You, as outlined in my Cashflownaire Membership.

This glorious position gives you the ability to decide what you’ll do for money.

“Hey Rob, we like you to spend the next 12 weeks in TimBuckTo working for this really important client.”

Thanks for the offer, but I’m not going to be able to take on this project. I’m not able to be away for the next 12 weeks. Probably best to give this opportunity to someone else. Yes, I know this may hurt my chances for a promotion. Thanks for thinking of me.

“Hey Rob, I’m coming in town this weekend and would like to spend all Saturday and Sunday looking at homes for sale.”

Well, we have a slight problem. I’m not available this weekend. We can reschedule for Monday or you might need to connect with another real estate professional. I can refer you to someone else that might be available this weekend.

“Hey Rob, we would like you to come speak at this big seminar. I will be a great opportunity for you.”

I’d love to speak at your event and I’m honored to be invited. Unfortunately, my daughter is playing in volleyball tournament that weekend and I’m unable to make it.

The glorious Position of Fuck You gives you choices. It gives you the ability to say, “Sorry, I’m not available” without feeling remorse. Without feeling like you made a massive mistake. It’s hard to express how life changing this can be.

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