I recently found a really cool way to think about opportunity. This simple approach has made my decision process A LOT easier.

The cool part is we can use this approach with many decisions we deal with including…

Should I learn this new investing system?
Should I learn how to create cashflow from land?
Should I experiment with this new business idea?
Should I create a membership business?
Should I try this new restaurant for dinner?
Should I take jujitsu/cooking/painting classes?
Should I learn a new language?

You can basically apply this little rule to ANY opportunity you’re considering. It will help you determine what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Once you’ve made your decision, you can get off the damn fence and stop fretting over whatever you’re considering.

This may mean tossing the idea and never worrying about it again, which can be extremely helpful. Passing on an opportunity you’ve been thinking about opens the doors for new opportunities. Deciding against moving forward with an opportunity also gives you peace of mind, as you don’t have beat yourself up over it anymore.

Or the simple rule might suggest that you actually pursue the opportunity you’ve been considering. This may lead you to take action on the idea.

Either way, you’ve made a decision and you’ve moved forward. You’ve made progress and are no longer sitting in a holding pattern.

Think about how cool it would be to be able to make decisions very quickly. Some may even consider this simple rule to be “life-changing.” It certainly was for me.

I’ve detailed this simple rule including a few ideas how you might use this to your advantage in my September Cashflownaire Newsletter, which I’ll be releasing this Friday.

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