When we vacation at a fancy schmancy resort, we usually spend a few days relaxing by the pool.

I’m always up early, so I typically get to the pool before most people. I’ll take a great book and I’ll spend the morning reading by the poolside. I also enjoy watching other resort guests decide where to sit when they come to the pool.

The average person who comes to the pool quickly takes seats in the morning sunlight. They’ll hunker down and be very happy they’ve got great seats in the sun!

(Note: This is the exact same thing as the marshmallow test for kids. When offered one marshmallow now or three later, the average people take the one marshmallow now).

While they’re enjoying their great sunlight seats over the next hour or two, all the other seats at the pool eventually fill up.

The smarter people who come to the pool in the morning will walk past the morning sunlight seats knowing that the sunlight shifts throughout the day. Instead, they’ll select seats where they’ll have the sun later in the day.

They’ll sacrifice an hour or two of morning sun, so they can enjoy seats in the sun for the entire afternoon. They’ll trade one marshmallow now for three marshmallows later.

When the sunlight eventually shifts, the average people who had the morning sunlight seats get frustrated. Their great seats are no longer very good. They’re now forced to sit in the shade for the afternoon because all of the other seats have been taken. This means they have to watch everyone else eat marshmallows all afternoon. 🙁

When the smartest people get to the pool, they’ll grab seats in the sun just like the average people. Before they hunker down, they’ll walk over and reserve afternoon sunlight seats, too. This way they will be able to enjoy both morning and afternoon sun.

The smartest people realize they can have everything they want in life. They will arrange things so they can eat one marshmallow now AND three later.

They don’t have to limit themselves to one thing vs. another. They can have both. They understand that by thinking and being creative they can figure out a way to get everything they want. They don’t have to limit themselves in anyway.

A Cashflownaire will take their own damn beach chairs to the pool and they’ll sit wherever the hell they want. Cashflownaires make their own rules and don’t mess around doing what other people do. Cashflownaires will go get as many marshmallows as they want and when someone offers them an either/or choice, they’ll tell them to go pound salt! 

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