“A brief paddle and Q&A session has evolved into something else entirely: part endurance test, part vision quest, and an opportunity to, the actor tells a guy named Rowdy, sitting at the bar next to us, “explore a bit, get some tans, get some tacos, make a Wednesday feel like a Saturday.”

This is excerpted from an interview with Matthew McConaughey in Men’s Journal found here.

Sounds like a pretty cool way to spend a day, if you ask me.

Apparently McConaughey and the Men’s Journal writer were paddle boarding for this interview. As they were paddling, McConaughey happened to say:

“I’ve made everything a swing-by here. Nothing is an appointment. It’s been cruisey as all get-out, man… It’s relaxing. Spending time with my kids, my wife, following through on 3 a.m. ideas. Writing poetry, music. Stuff I don’t have time for when I’m working.”

For some reason this all resonated with me. McConaughey seems to have removed the inflated importance we tend to give to everything in our lives. You can see that he’s just going with the flow without worrying too much about anything in particular. He’s simply enjoying life exactly as it is.

From the article:

“When we float past the few people on the shore, McConaughey shouts a “How-de-hay” or whistles….  He’s not wearing a watch and didn’t bring a phone. McConaughey is off duty, living moment to moment.

When was the last time you did something without your phone? Hell, when most of us forget our phones, we instantly go into panic mode!

This mindset is something we can all aspire to in our lives. Once again, none of this requires a great deal of money. Sure, he’s wealthy, but that doesn’t change his how he lives – how he thinks – his enjoy the moment approach.

When he works, he works very hard and puts everything he has into his work. He’s focused, committed and kick’s ass. However, when he’s not working he seems to shut off work. He enjoys life. It’s the old “Work hard, play hard” mantra.

I think this is something many of us have forgotten how to do. We’ve forgotten how to play hard, how to relax, how to truly enjoy the moment because we’re always connected 24/7. We’re always phone call, text or email away from everything and everyone. We’re never completely off duty.

As they end their interview back on the dock, McConaughey asks…

“How ’bout a sunshine sip?”

By this, he means a shot of his Wild Turkey branded bourbon. 🙂


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