In yesterday’s post, I shared that we were on vacation last week on Lake Norman in North Carolina. We rented a beautiful lakefront home, a big pontoon boat, a jet ski and several paddle boards. In other words, we went “All In” on lake life! By the end of the trip, poor ole Rob was water logged and exhausted! 🙂

My daughters love to ride and tube with the jet ski.
My wife loves to cruise on the pontoon boat.
I love to paddle board.

It’s kind of funny how I paid big bucks to rent motorized water vehicles and my favorite activity doesn’t require a motor. Maybe it’s my age, but paddle boarding has become my favorite summer activity. Paddle boarding is incredibly peaceful.

Each morning, I would hop on a paddle board with our dog for a long paddle.

(Yes, she is wearing an orange doggie life jacket! LOL)

The lake is always a ghost town in the early morning hours and you have it all to yourself. It’s almost like having your own private lake. All you can hear is the water lapping against the front of the board. It’s mesmerizing to watch the water swirl around the paddle. You move at a slow pace giving you plenty of time to enjoy the view.

Think about how simple paddle boarding is…

– No gas
– No oil
– No maintenance or repairs
– No keys
– No insurance
– No noise
– No mechanic needed
– No expensive winter storage
– No dock expense
– No trailer needed
– No marina membership
– No license needed
– No safety classes.

All you need is a life jacket, paddle board and a paddle. You can paddle with friends and family, or you can paddle on your own. If you get hot, jump in the lake. If you get tired, lay down on the board and take a break. Regardless of what you do, you have an amazing view every second you’re on the water.

Plus, you’re forced to leave your darn cell phone back on land. This means no texts, no phone calls, no notifications and no emails.

It’s just you and the water.

If you haven’t tried paddle boarding yet, give it a try this summer. I have a feeling you’ll love it.

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P.P.S. Several years ago, I bought two inflatable paddle boards on sale and still use them today. Our inflatable paddle boards work very well and are easy roll up and store. One of our boards sprung a leak and lost air. I taped it with Gorilla Tape and it was good as new!