I got this text from my 14-year old daughter this week:

She was at school when she sent this text. She found my website in study hall and started reading all of my posts.

(Hi Kate – Hope your day is going well! Please read the post Hannah mentioned about buying her rental home. We’re buying your rental home next year!)

At dinner that same night, she said she liked my mentor’s retirement plan. (She also made fun of me because she was in the car that night when my wife picked us up at the bar. We were too drunk to drive. I seem to have asked her the same question about a new dress 15 times! Read the linked post to see the whole story!)

After laughing at me she said, “What’s your retirement plan? I couldn’t read it because I had to become a Cashflownaire member to get it!”  LOL

I told her she had to become a Cashflownaire to find out! Once a salesman, always a salesman!

There are two reasons why I charge for my membership:

1. My mission is to help you achieve the Position of F#@K You. In order to achieve this mission, I need you to actually pay attention to what I teach.

2. Most people don’t value what they get for free. My membership is only $29.95, which isn’t a lot in the big picture. However, this small investment will get you to pay attention to the newsletter. It will get you to think about what I teach. And thankfully, it will get you to take action on what you learn.

Bonus Reason – #3: I have a personal goal to build 1,000 income streams. The membership is one of the tools I’m using to achieve this goal. Zig Zigler taught that “we can have everything we want in life if we help enough other people get what they want.” This obviously means I will only be able to create 1,000 monthly increase streams, if I help 1,000 people get what they want.

Truth be told, I’m very happy my daughter found my website. I was also very happy when my older daughter found it a few years ago.

This may be a mistake, but I rarely talk about fight club at home. I do this because my daughters won’t pay attention if I’m up on my soapbox. They will only pay attention IF they find it on their own. They will only pay attention IF they read what I write because they want to read it. I can’t force my daughters to learn the lessons I’ve learned in life.

Instead, I’ve chosen to be patient waiting until they’re ready.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

She is now ready to learn.

Are you?

Get started here: https://dividendrealestate.com/membershipspecial/

P.S. My daughter also sent me another text indicating that I lied on my blog. I wrote in one of my recent posts that we don’t drive luxury cars. She reminded me that my wife drives a Lexus. She’s correct. However, Lexus is a 2008 and it has over 110,000 miles on it. We haven’t had a payment on this car for many years. So I guess I did technically lie. I just don’t see her car as a luxury car.

P.P.S. The next morning, I emailed my daughter the April Cashflownaire newsletter she wanted to read that highlighted my retirement plan! You can become a member and get it here!

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      Hey dad. In science class. Thanks for my post 😉

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