Joe Rogan recently interviewed Duncan Trussell for this postcast:

Fast forward to 18:30 and listen for just 2 minutes.  Duncan Trussell said…

“Maybe it isn’t the best thing to sell your life energy for the majority of your life to somebody to make way less money than you deserve. You’re selling the life energy of a being that, as far as we know, is completely unique in this galaxy. If you’re a being on a planet that’s aware of itself, you’re a pretty special thing as far as our understanding of the universe goes. Your life energy per hour is probably a billion dollars an hour.”

Joe replied, “Your life energy per hour is super precious. This is the key to life… to value your time and to direct it towards things you love, being with people you love, doing things you love. Recognize the more you do that you have to compromise for a paycheck, or to play it safe, you’re wasting time… the most precious thing you have.”


So here’s the question for YOU to ponder.

Do your really want to sell the majority of your life energy away to make less money than you deserve? (Cuz thats actually what you’re doing.)

For the life of me, I don’t understand why the majority of people choose to do this. Notice the word, “CHOOSE.” Selling your life away is a choice. If someone else has arranged their life in such away that they don’t have to sell their 40+ hours of their time away each week for money, you can certainly do something similar. I honestly believe people just don’t stop and think about this. They simply get a job hoping to get annual raises and promotions each year.


This is what you were born for? To sell the majority of your life away?


This is YOUR life. Think. Think. Think.

Now that you’re thinking, you’ll probably realize you cannot do what everyone else does and be able to stop selling your time away. You’ve got do things differently than everyone else. You really do. You can’t keep doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result. Your job isn’t going to give you time freedom. It never will.

How much cashflow do you have each month right now?
How much time do you invest each week into creating monthly cashflow?

The more time you invest in creating monthly cashflow, the more cashflow you’ll enjoy.
The less time you invest in creating monthly cashflow, the less cashflow you’ll enjoy.

You get back what you put it…until compounding works its magic and you get back far more than you put in.

Here’s what I recommend you consider:

1. Copy or create a system of generating monthly recurring cashflow. This system must be able to be leveraged through the magic of compounding where your monthly income increases each and every month. You don’t need large increases. Small monthly increases will work beautifully.

2. Set a specific monthly cashflow goal. Measure and track your monthly cashflow. What we measure definitely improves. My guess is you’re not measuring cashflow right now and this is why you don’t have much.

3. Make yourself accountable to your cashflow goals. Hire a coach, get an accountability partner, or make your goals public to force compliance. Your monthly cashflow is what will buy your time back and is far more important all other work you do.

4. Be patient. This process won’t happen overnight, but you can eliminating your need for work within 3 to 5 years if you start to focus on compounding monthly cashflow NOW.

If you haven’t yet read the short article titled, “The Tail End” by Tim Urban, you should check it out here. It is very powerful and may change how you think about your life. The last chart, in the article, about how much time we have left with our parents will definitely wake you up.  This chart can also actually be flipped around highlighting how little time we have left with our children.

Per Tim’s chart, by the time our children graduate from high school, we have already used up 93% of our in-person time with them. 93 fucking percent.

Time is so precious.
Most people don’t realize this until it’s too late.
Don’t be most people.

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