Over the weekend, I received the following email:

“Is there any chance I could get a free newsletter? I’m on the fence about joining.”

This email subscriber was asking for one of my actual Cashflownaire newsletters. These newsletters are only available for paying members. He wasn’t sure if he should pony up the 29.95 to become a Cashflownaire and join my membership.

My reply was short and sweet…

“If you’re on the fence about joining, you shouldn’t join. The membership isn’t for you.”

Now, I realize this message probably irritated him. This wasn’t my intention. My intention was to actually help him out and make his choice for him. I don’t want him as a member. I don’t want indecisive members. The reason why is because I can’t help someone who is indecisive.

How is he going to roll up his sleeves and do what he needs to do to reach the Position of F@#k You, if he can’t make THIS simple decision?

When you’re indecisive all of your choices end up being made for you.

Read that one more time. It’s important.

If you can’t make important decisions in your life, other people will eventually make them for you. And as you might imagine, the decisions other people make for you certainly won’t be in your best interest. You’ll be a pawn in someone else’s game.

You either control your destiny or someone else will control it for you.

The funny thing is that I received this email hours after sending an email about how to be UNTOUCHABLE. Will someone who is indecisive ever be untouchable? No, they won’t and that’s my point. They’ll never live from a position of strength if they can’t make decisions.

Here’s the real-honest-to-goodness truth…

We should think for ourselves, make our own decisions and get busy doing what we need to do.

If you’re ready to take control of your life and be decisive, become a Cashflownaire here:

P.S. After replying to his email, I thought about removing this person from my database. However, I decided to leave him on my list. I’m hoping he reads this email and thinks seriously about what I’ve shared.