I study commonalities.

Commonalities of success AND commonalities of failure.
Commonalities of happiness AND commonalities of misery.

To me, commonalities are similar to product reviews on Amazon. Honest product reviews provide clues as to what products are good. They also highlight the products that aren’t so good. Honest reviews save us a great deal of time, money and disappointment.

Commonalities can do the same for our actions. Commonalities provide clues as to what actions lead to success. They also can pinpoint which actions lead to failure. Commonalities allow us to create a roadmap to achieve whatever we want in life.

Want a great long-lasting marriage?

Study the commonalities of long-term, happy couples. Once finished, study the commonalities of those who go through ugly divorces. You’ll have a list of things to do AND not do in your marriage.

We can save a great deal of time, money and disappointment in life by studying commonalities displayed in other people.

Understand you always have two commonality studies to perform. Success AND Failure.

When I was younger, I only studied the commonalities of success. Sadly, I didn’t pay any attention to the failure side and ended up almost filing for bankruptcy. A simple study of the commonalities of financial failure would have saved me from this ugly situation. I was too young and inexperienced to see this at the time. 🙁

I now always study both the success and failure commonalities for whatever I’m pursuing.

A great example is my June Cashflownaire Newsletter… 🙂

Inside I share a study I made of how people go broke. I found several commonalities that lead to bankruptcy in these studies and have adjusted my actions to avoid these failure commonalities. This will save me a great deal of time, money and disappointment going forward.

Want to become a great real estate investor?

Study the commonalities of the best real estate investors. Then study the commonalities of real estate investors who go broke.

As luck would have it, I’m including a special bonus report in my July Cashflownaire Newsletter, which will be released on Friday, detailing the commonalities of the real estate gurus. This study included Robert Kiyosaki, Carleton Sheets (remember him?), Dean Graziosi, Robert Allen, Tom Stanley, William Danko, and John Schuab. Plus, one more guru that I’m not going to name now.

This study led to ONE important commonality. A commonality that I live by today with regards to every single real estate investment I make.

If you’d like to get your hands on this study, become a Cashflownaire today and you’ll get the June Newsletter instantly, which includes the commonalities of financial failure. Plus, you’ll get the July Newsletter on Friday, which includes the special 13-page bonus report on the real estate gurus. You’ll get both the study of success and the study of failure in both month’s newsletters!

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P.P.S. I’m such a commonality freak that I would actually argue that my life today is a compilation of commonalities I found in others. Just about everything I do AND don’t do is based around these commonality studies. This is how important all this commonality stuff is to me!