A few months ago, I put together a short book detailing a very important investment strategy. This book was originally for a small handful of my clients, as it details my own personal investment plan. I haven’t released this book publicly until now. You can download this book here:

Freedom and Wealth CoverPDF format at this link.

The book has two sections. The first section highlights how to achieve financial freedom where your monthly living expenses are offset by monthly passive income. The second section details how to build wealth and features an extremely important investment strategy I refer to as “double compound interest.” Double compound interest will literally blow your mind! It is almost unbelievable!

The reason I’m sharing this book is because I’m hoping you use one, or more, of the ideas to your advantage for your family. As noted above, this is my personal investment plan developed from years of trial and error with my own investments. I’ve owned every type of investment you could imagine. I’ve made every mistake you could possibly imagine. I’ve struggled with short sales and foreclosures, just like everyone else. The plan in this book will make you “bullet-proof,” as it has been designed to avoid all of the mistakes and losses I’ve experienced in my journey.

The examples in this book are from my market here in Ohio. Obviously, your market will be different. Please don’t let this deter you from figuring out a way to put this into action for yourself.

Inside the book, you’ll learn the following:
– a little philosophy on time vs. money
– how to trade money to buy time
– how to setup double compound interest with your investments
– an index fund providing 10.8% average annual returns
– how to profit from the next market crash
– how to retire with $309,159 of annual income
– why Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world
– how to create generational wealth for your family

You can download the book here.

Note: The information in this book may not be copied, or used without my express written permission. The first section of this book was previously given to my Marketing Department members for use in their marketing in the June done-for-you newsletter and marketing materials. The second section of this book will be released in next month’s Marketing Department materials. The Marketing Department membership includes a monthly done-for-you content report and marketing tools. If you would like to be able to use these ideas in your business with your clients, please play fair and become a Marketing Department member.  As a member, you’ll receive a monthly 8 to 12 page done-for-you report for investors. You can use this report as a newsletter to your database. In addition, you’ll also receive several lead generation tools to turn each monthly report into a new lead generation and conversion tool for your business. You can join the membership on this non-fancy order form.

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