For years I’ve been fascinated by moola machines – machines that make lots of moola for you. This fascination has led me to study and experiment with many different investment strategies and businesses in my search for one of these very valuable machines.

A moola machine can be any of the following:

– real estate you own
– a business you own
– an investing system you own
– an asset you own
– intellectual property you own

Basically, a moola machine is anything you own that provides consistent moola for you and your family.

Please notice that I didn’t include the word PASSIVE in my description of a moola machine. This omission is extremely important for you to understand. The reason why is because I wasted many years searching for a passive moola machine. I finally learned there ain’t any good passive moola machines.

Yes, I know everyone yaps on and on about creating passive monthly moola. Anything truly passive won’t provide very much moola. Seriously.

The truth is that the best moola machines require work… YOUR work. You have to buy or build the machine. Next, you’ve got to set it up and then you’ve got to keep it running. This isn’t always easy because machines tend break down from time to time. When this happens, you’ve got to get out your handy, dandy toolbox and get your moola machined fixed. Or you’ve got to hire someone else to fix it for you.

Why am I blabbing about moola machines you might wonder?

Well, because I’ve detailed one of my best moola machines in the June Cashflownaire Newsletter, which will be released next week. I also share the best way you can analyze various moola machine investments. What I share is the single best way to make investment decisions, if monthly moola is important to you. I use this strategy to evaluate ALL of my investments. It will make you a much better investor instantly.

The crazy part about this simple approach to investing is that most people don’t use it to their advantage. 🙁

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P.S. If you have kids, you should buy or build a few moola machines for them. My two daughters own a few moola machines. These moola machines are being used to pay for their college and to build their retirement funds.