I recently shared a very important idea: knowledge IS capital.

This idea can be extremely helpful for you because you can use your knowledge to make more money. The cool part is that you can acquire knowledge from people, seminars, books, information products, YouTube, memberships and through your own experiences. There is a massive amount of knowledge available for you. You just have to roll up your sleeves and go get it.

The first goal is to get knowledge on how you can live at a profit. Living at a profit basically means your total monthly income exceeds your total monthly expenses. On paper this sounds relatively easy. It’s not. Life is expensive.

We make creating a monthly profit a priority because it’s one of the surest paths to freedom. The reality is you’ll never be free, IF you don’t live at a profit.

In my Cashflownaire Plan, Step #1 is to create monthly cashflow equal to twice your living expenses. In other words, create a monthly profit equal to twice your living expenses.

We make this our FIRST priority for two reasons:

1. It gives you time freedom. You no longer have to work for money. You can use your knowledge AND your time to make even more money with complete control over your schedule.

2. It gives you financial capital to invest each month. Half of your monthly profit will be used to pay your living expenses. The other half of your monthly profit can be invested to create more monthly profit.

All of this starts with learning how to live at a profit.

No profit, no time freedom.
No profit, no financial capital to invest.

In the October Cashflownarie Newsletter, which will be released late next week, I share how you can learn to create a monthly profit with very little financial capital. I’ll give you knowledge (capital) you can invest to make more money.

In fact, you’ll see ELEVEN different ways to create cashflow with small investments. My suggestion is that you pick ONE idea and master it. Use ONE idea to create a monthly profit. Once you’ve turned ONE of these ideas into attractive monthly cashflow, you can start to work on the next idea. The goal being to layer these ideas on top of each other until you’ve created a monthly cashflow equal to twice your living expenses.

You can become a Cashflownaire Member here:

As you continue down this road, you’ll be accumulating very valuable knowledge. Each idea will require you to learn new skills. These skills are extremely valuable because you’ll be able to leverage them with each passing month and year.