A good friend designed a cool new product earlier this year called “Stops-It.” It’s designed to help you park your car in the perfect spot. He gave me one to try out in our garage. It worked really well, and was very helpful because our garage is packed with bikes, paddle boards, pool stuff, tools and everything else.

I’m certainly not a minimalist. LOL.

Using Stops-It allows me to easily slide my muddy Jeep into the perfect spot every single time.

After using it for a few weeks, I wrote an advertisement for him to run in our local papers. He ran the advertisement and ended up selling several units. I suggested that he run the same advertisement again! He did and guess what happened? He sold several more units. 🙂

The words I wrote in the advertisement created cashflow for his new business.

Now, there’s something very important to understand about this.

The words I wrote created individual sales of his product. This is NOT recurring cashflow.

To turn these words into recurring cashflow, he must continue running the advertisement I wrote to generate additional individual product sales.

This is how I started out with my real estate brokerage. I wrote advertisements that attracted new clients. These clients bought a home with my agents. My words led to ONE sale for my business. To turn those words into recurring cashflow, I had to continue running the advertisement to create future sales, which is exactly what I did.

This can be very profitable.

One of my advertisements generated well over $3,000,000 for my real estate business through repeated use in different newspapers.

However, you can get to the next level by using words to create automatic recurring cashflow.

You do this by using words to sell something with recurring monthly income. An example….I used to own a gym that offered fat loss workouts. My clients became members and paid a monthly membership fee to attend our workouts.

I used words to sell monthly memberships to my gym.

One sale generated automatic recurring monthly income without having to continuously run the advertisement. However, each time I ran the advertisement, I created more automatic recurring cashflow and more members joined my gym.

My words turned into cashflow for my friend. My words have turned into cashflow for many other real estate professionals throughout North America. My words have turned into a great deal of cashflow for me.

P.S. I’m not an affiliate or business partner of my friend’s business! I’m not receiving any compensation for sharing his product. I’m sharing it because it’s awesome and may be helpful for you, if you have a new driver in your family, or your garage is tight like my garage!