Incredible Secret Money MachineA few years ago, I found this older used book on The book is amazing and details how to create the perfect lifestyle business.  You can download it free in PDF format at this link. The basic idea behind the book is to create your own low cost small business around technical skills or crafts. Most of this content is outdated, but the basic idea throughout the book is fantastic and definitely worth your time.

When I originally read it, I absolutely loved it and have many notes. Since I got back into real estate, I decided to reread this book and others.

As you read this book, try to reframe the author’s ideas around your real estate business. You might be surprised to see how real estate sales, if designed properly, can be an incredible money machine small business. I would actually be willing to bet that real estate sales is a better business idea than the ideas presented in the book.

The reason is we can arrange our businesses for low overhead. We don’t need to maintain our own offices and carry the related expenses of rent and utilities. We also don’t need to go out and buy a bunch of equipment to sell homes.

Please understand this book isn’t about designing a big business. Its actually about designing a smaller more profitable business with less stress. Also understand this book is not about real estate sales. It’s about designing the perfect lifestyle business and you’ll be able to use many of the ideas in your business.

If you do follow my suggestion and give this book a try, I would love to hear what you found helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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