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    • K.Terry

      I Enjoy your blogs keep up the financial work

    • Kelly

      Had it all,
      Now i cant pay bills, Had a year of savings that lasted six mo.
      So I work 24/7, Try hard every day Riding the storm out. Never will I be in this possision again. Thank God I have little debt.

    • Don

      I hope this helps

      • Rob Minton

        Don, I appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey. I’ll hope to post the results soon! Rob

    • Nadia

      Thank you,I enjoy reading your blogs.

    • Joseph

      Here is the Info

    • C Bell

      Spouse has a 401K at work and we have 2 separate self-directed IRAs however the financial crash hit us hard so we lost 30-40% of our “conservative” investments. My income has dropped this year due to the economy and months lost from a medical issue. Praying and planning on 2011 being a much better year!

      • Rob Minton

        C Bell,

        Everyone has suffered in this crash! I hope things are getting better regarding your medical issues! Our health is by far the most important asset in our lives. Money can’t compare!


    • james waldrep

      I am also a real estate appraiser. I am working toward more active commercial brokerage.

    • Sharon Whitten

      My husband has had major reconsturctive heart surgery, from which he almost died several years ago. Last year on Labor Day, he was running a quick local errand for me on his motorcycle when a 40-foot RV pulled an illegal uturn and cut him off. He did the best he could not to be killed instantly, but his left leg was severed on impact.

      These two occurances wiped out all of our savings. I probably won’t be able to retire anytime soon.

      • Rob Minton


        My heart goes out to you and your husband. What a challenging string of events to live through. At least he is still here with you. I hope to spend time in early 2011 with ideas on how you can start to rebuild your savings. Hang in there!


    • Robert Burns

      Things are getting better every day!

      • Rob Minton

        Robert – Awesome mindset!


    • Regina Meyers


      seems there is no submit button for the survey. Did I miss something?


      Regina Meyers


      We have STOP and THINK of tommorow.

    • Greg

      Rebuilding after discharged Chap 13

    • Joe Hughes


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