Yesterday, I shared an email I received from someone asking for a free issue of one of my Cashflownaire Newsletters. You can read this email along with my response here.

Today, I thought I’d share another email I recently received:

“I like reading your stuff. If you’ll allow me I would like to send you a board game that I publish to play with friends and family.  Zero expectation or obligation; just a gift – quid pro quo for your wealth of info. Send mailing address; post office box OK – we usually use Priority mail.” This email was from Grant Dalgliesh. In his P.S. he happened to mention that he had purchased a few of my books.

A few days later this arrived in the mail:

This is the board game Grant sent to me. It’s called “The Last Spike!” I just checked into the game and found this: “Each player competes to accumulate the most money from land speculation before the “last spike” is laid.” Kind of sounds like a game I would love. I’m actually looking forward to playing with my family.

A couple of thoughts on this…

1. In the email I received yesterday, the person was asking me for something free. The underlying message he is sending me is that he’s not sure that I’m to help him. This means he isn’t finding value in my daily emails. He reads them but doesn’t extract the ideas I’m sharing. Grant reads my emails and extracts the ideas I share. He sees the value and understands how to use it to his advantage.

2. Grant didn’t ask me for anything. He simply wanted to thank me for what I do. Who do you think I would want to help more? Grant or the guy who emailed me asking for newsletter?

3. Grant is using the law of reciprocation to this advantage. By sending me this board game, he has changed our relationship. I now instantly like him. He did something really cool for me and I appreciate his efforts. (This IS the lesson you might extract from this email.) The guy who wanted the free newsletter will probably miss this. 🙁

It’s very interesting to me that some people don’t “see” what I teach while others “see” it instantly. Some people get pissed off when I send daily emails. Others love the emails and thank me for sending them. Some people take immediate action and use what I share to make their lives better. Others are too wrapped up in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and miss everything.

Such is life.

P.S. Grant, thank you for sending the game! Please check your email because I’m sending something to you, too!

P.P.S. If you’re someone who does “see” the value in what I share and haven’t joined my Cashflownaire Membership, you can get started here: