In my last email diddy, I shared a little bit from the John MacDonald book, “Dress Her In Indigo.” In every Travis McGee story by MacDonald, you’ll find a few gold nuggets about how to live a good life.

Another example from the same book:

“The ice and mix came. We fixed our own drinks. He gave a little lift of his glass and that Spanish toast that covers everything there is. “Health, money, love, and time to enjoy them.” I’ve never been able to think of anything it doesn’t cover.”

Damn, isn’t that a great toast?

It really does seem to cover all the important things in life —> including TIME to ENJOY our health, money and relationships. Sadly, making more time for ourselves is something we all rarely do. We’re all so focused on being so damn productive. We have to optimize everything to try and squeeze the most out of every second.  🙁

Take a second to think about your current list of goals…

Is “time to enjoy life” or “X hours of leisure per day” listed as one of your goals?

No, making more leisure time for yourself is NOT one of your important goals and that’s THE real problem.

Think about it… is anyone else going to create more time for you? Hell, no. Everyone else wants more of your time, not less. When are you going to start doing what you want? When are you going to put yourself first?

Time is short, my friend.

Enjoy your life while you still can. You never know when things may change.