We are constantly bombarded by hundreds of commercials and advertisements showing us the pathway to a good life.

Supposedly we must…

…drive a certain type of car to be successful.
…have a large home decorated according to the latest trends.
…have a busy social calendar with “cool” people.
…have high-profile jobs providing status and power.
…wear certain name brand clothes to look and feel good.

The list goes on and on.

Thankfully, it’s all bullshit.

The reality is that all we have to do to live a good life is to honor the truly important things in life. For me, these important things are our health (physical and mental health), our time and our loved ones.

We have to try and align our thoughts and actions around these important things. We have to “see” the real purpose for money, and it has nothing to do with the bullshit we see advertised night and day.

Money is simply a tool we can use to move closer to the important things in life.

We make money so that we can buy our time back reducing the number of hours we work. We use this extra time we’ve purchased for ourselves to improve our physical and mental health. We also use this extra time to be with our loved ones and to add value to the world in some small way.

Society has programmed us that we should make more money so that we can buy all of their so called solutions to living a good life. These are the solutions that don’t actually provide you with a good life. In fact, many of these prepackaged “good life” solutions typically end up making our lives far worse because they’re purchased on credit paid for with your future.

These so called solutions force us to trade away tomorrow for a better today.

We can change all of this simply by making sure that every dollar we spend and every hour we work honors the truly important things in life.

Does buying this ___________ honor what’s truly important in my life?
Does buying this ____________ save me time?
Does buying this ____________ improve my physical or mental health?
Does buying this ___________  allow me to spend more time with loved ones?
Does buying this ___________ create more monthly income?
Does buying this ____________ reduce my need for a paycheck?

How much future time am I buying through my labor this week?

In other words… is this use of time and money flowing towards the important things in life: time, health, people.

We don’t go to work to make money to buy stuff.
We go to work to make money in order to buy our time.
We use our time to live a good life.

Work is simply a way for us to get money that we can use to buy our future time.

This means that when we do work, we should be creating future monthly income. Today’s labor should provide tomorrow’s freedom.

We either work to make money to buy income-producing assets, or we work to create the income-producing asset itself (business, intellectual property, etc).

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