This is a follow-up to my YOLO and YODO article, which you can find here. If you haven’t read this already, read it first and then come back to this!

In the YOLO vs YODO article, I suggested structuring our lives so that we can enjoy both the short-term and the long-term. This seems fairly obvious as the best way to live; however, most people don’t approach life from this perspective.

We either live entirely for today, or we live entirely for tomorrow. Each approach brings misery —> misery today or misery tomorrow.

To do this, we must clearly see what’s truly important in life. Thankfully, there’s only a small number of truly important things…

  1. Our physical & mental health – it’s extremely hard to live a good life if we’re in any physical or mental pain. This could include any illness, depression, or anxiety.  Any physical or mental challenge makes both today and tomorrow very challenging.
  2. Our time – we don’t live forever. Each day flows by quickly never to return again. This simply means we must try and enjoy today while it’s here. We can’t keep sacrificing today’s happiness because these days will soon end. We never know when our last day will come.
  3. Our loved ones – don’t live forever. My mother only had 6 months after her cancer diagnosis. My partner and friend only had 6 months after his cancer diagnosis. Our parents, bothers/sisters, spouses, children, friends don’t have much time. We never know when their last days will come.
  4. Money – allows us to focus on the other three important things. It gives us time to exercise, meditate, journal, think and to eat properly. It gives us the ability to get medical care and to be proactive against future health issues. And finally, money also allows us to buy our time back giving us the opportunity to spend more time with our loved ones. Money isn’t for buying stupid shit – (large homes & over-priced cars) – it’s for honoring the other important things in life.

Unfortunately, living a good life starts with money.

If we don’t have enough money to honor the other three important things, we’re forced to make one, or more, sacrifices. In fact, if we don’t have money we may end up sacrificing all of the other important things in life. 🙁

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P.S. Please take a minute and notice what I haven’t included in the list of important things. Far too many people waste their precious life energy on UNimportant things. We cannot make this same mistake ourselves, if we want to live a good life.