Are you a curious person? I certainly am.

The word curious is defined as:  “eager to know or learn something” or “marked by a desire to investigate.”

I seem to question everything and this tends to drive my wife nuts. The crazy part is she only hears a small portion of the questions that actually flow through my head! I usually hold most of my questions back! When I meet new people, like the happiest guy I know, I tend to ask them a bunch of questions, too. Apparently, this is embarrassing to my family!

The recently published an article titled “Inside Jeff Bezos’s DC Life” on Mr. Jeff Bezos, and if you hadn’t heard, he’s currently the richest fella in the world. The article is worth a read and Bezos is definitely worth studying.

To quote from the article:

“Practically everyone who has broken bread with Bezos calls out one word: “Very curious.” “The most curious person I’ve ever met.” “That’s one thing about Jeff- he’s intensely curious about everybody, not just heads of state or other CEOs but anyone he talks to,” “you really feel like he’s curious about you.”

Here are a few of my questions: (see I just did it again)!

Is Mr. Bezos the richest fella in the world because he’s extremely curious?
Are curious people more successful than UNcurious people?

And finally…

Could being curious about everything and everyone be a secret to success?

Years ago I was in a very expensive high-level mastermind group with some of the smartest marketers in the world and was amazed at how many questions they all asked each other. If someone shared something they did that worked well in their business, they would be bombarded by questions from each participant. The same thing happened when they shared something that didn’t go well. Everyone in the room was curious about everything.

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P.S. Take a minute and think about the most successful person you know. Is this person curious?

P.P.S. Now go the other way and think about the most UNsuccessful person you know. Is this person curious?