In Tyler Cowen’s book titled “The Complacent Class,” I found this…

“…I see complacency –  a general sense of satisfaction with the status quo – as an increasingly prominent phenomenon in American life. And I’ve coined the phrase the complacent class to describe the growing number of people in our society who accept, welcome, or even enforce a resistance to things new, different, or challenging.”

He just described me.

I have become complacent. I have become way too comfortable with the status quo.

When I was younger, I would pursue my goals with intensity. I was unstoppable.

Today, when an interesting business opportunity presents itself, I think…”it’s not worth it. Way too much aggravation.”

I’ve actually become UNSTARTABLE.

Back to the book: “We are in fact working much harder than before to postpone change, or to avoid it altogether, and that is true whether we’re talking about corporate competition, changing residences or jobs, or building things. In an age when it is easier than ever before to dig in, the psychological resistance to change has become progressively stronger. Our decisions have made us more risk adverse and more set in our ways, more segregated, and they have sapped us of the pioneer spirit that made America the world’s most productive and innovative economy.”

Yep, that’s me. Fuck.

As I’m writing this, the Cleveland Cavaliers are in they playoffs fighting for their 2nd NBA Championship. The team is better than they have ever been. They are in the best physical shape and you can see a mental toughness flow through each player. Lebron James, their best player, is on another level when compared to any other player. He is in his 14th season and is playing at the top of his game. His leadership has brought the team to a new level this year.

All of this after… winning the NBA Championship last year. This is also after Lebron fulfilled his promise to the city of Cleveland that he would bring a championship. They have worked harder than ever and it shows. The same goes for Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Instead of letting off the gas pedal, like I have done, these men have actually accelerated further.

They are NOT complacent. They are uncomplacent.

The crazy part is we see uncomplaceny every day on so many levels and we don’t copy it. In the business world, think Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos.

This doesn’t mean we should run out and do stupid shit. We shouldn’t pursue any business opportunity. We shouldn’t pursue any investment opportunity.

We should be very calculated and only pursue the best business and investment opportunities. We should take risk only when we’ve minimized it. Once we’ve found the right opportunity, we should pursue it with everything we have.

Have you become complacent?
Are you too comfortable with the status quo?
Do you resist change?
Are you too risk adverse?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, maybe it’s time we do something about it?

Truth be told, complacency is kind of BORING. I no longer want to live a boring life.
There is a certain thrill in the pursuit of a worthy goal.

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