This past September, I did a Tough Mudder in Pennsylvania with one of my best friends. We actually ran one of the first Tough Mudder races many years ago in Ohio. These mud races are a blast. They are so much fun because of the people you connect with during the race. Everyone helps and motivates each other.

It really is something special, and I would encourage you to do one. Words really can’t describe how cool they are.

After we finished this last one, we stayed to have a few beers and watch other races go through the final obstacle at the finish line. The last obstacle is called, “Electric Shock Therapy.”

First time Mudders have get to go through this obstacle where you get shocked. You can get a feel for how this obstacle works from this screen shot. Those hanging yellow strings zap you upon contact. Notice all of the racers crawling through the mud trying to avoid each dangling yellow string of pain.

When I went through this obstacle years ago, I got knocked out for a few seconds. I “came to” in the mud wondering what the hell happened? I ended up crawling through the remaining few feet to finish the race. I’m not sure, but I think the metal plates in my arm didn’t help my situation.

It is fascinating to watch how people handle this obstacle.

Some just charge through as low and fast as possible. Others cower for several minutes before going in. Some need to be dragged in by friends. Some get shamed into going through by the DJ. Every single person is forced to face their fear.

Well, as I was enjoying my cold beer last year, a younger guy appears at the obstacle. He was by himself, which is unusual. Most people run these races with friends. He did the race on his own, which is kind of hard. You really can’t complete the race without help from other people.

Instead of ducking and crawling like everyone else, this guy stood straight up. He extended his arms forming the shape of a T so that he would actually get hit by more strands of electricity. And then he fucking walked through the entire Electric Shock Therapy obstacle.

You could see the pain in his face and body when he would get shocked. He would pause for a second and then he would take another step. Slowly but surely, he finished the obstacle showing extreme courage. I’ve never witnessed anything so powerful in my life.

There was a massive contrast between how he handled the obstacle and how every other person handled it.

By the time he finished, the entire place was on their feet cheering for him. He had earned the respect of every person there.

I think about this Badass every damn day. I really do.

When everyone else crawled, he stood up.
When everyone else ran, he walked.
When everyone else dropped, he stood tall accepting the pain with courage.

The next time you’re facing something in your life that scares you, take a second and think about this guy.


You will earn the respect of those around you. More importantly, you’ll earn your own self respect.

In the process of facing your fear, you’ll become a Badass.

P.S. This guy really did have a big impact on me. When I got home from the race, I started doing monthly Badass challenges. These are challenges that I created for myself, because I wanted to practice standing up tall with my arms straight out. I’ve included my monthly Badass challenges in my Cashflownaire Newsletter. You can take them yourself when you become a Cashflownaire here:



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