In season three of Billions (my favorite TV show), billionaire Bobby Axelrod is trying to bribe a doctor to give him evidence the doctor has that can be used against Axelrod in court. Axelrod is a hedge fund trader who was charged with insider trading and fraud. He’s trying to eliminate all the evidence the prosecution has in order to get the charges against him dismissed.

Axelrod hires two special forces guys to investigate the doctor looking for ways he can use to exploit him, or force him to turn over the evidence Axelrod needs.

From the show:

Special Forces Guy: “We’re not convinced that the doctor can be bought.”

Axelrod: “I’ve bought him before.”

Special Forces Guy: “We got into his banking history and he didn’t personally benefit from your donations. Your donations all went to research. The doctor lives pretty frugally. He has little debt. He doesn’t have a second home. He goes on bird watching vacations.”

Axelrod: “Birds don’t charge for a look.”

It turns out that Axelrod cannot buy the doctor because he’s in the glorious Position of F@#k You. He’s not over leveraged and doesn’t need money.

In other words, he’s untouchable when it comes to money. Nobody can force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do. He can’t be bought, even by a billionaire.

I love Bobby Axelrod’s character, but I wouldn’t want to be him. Even though he’s a billionaire, he’s not untouchable. He’s made many mistakes and he’s put himself in jeopardy because too many people have leverage over him.

I’d rather be the doctor, except I’m not really into bird watching???

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