This is a hard post to write, because I’m opening up about something I’ve been conflicted about for many years. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen this conflict flowing through my posts over time.

I believe I have two people inside me. Wait, that definitely sounds crazy!

Maybe a better way to describe this is… I seem want to be two different people.

This tweet is a reflection of person #1:

cheaplandPerson #1 is a simple man. He doesn’t pursue money and lives a life of quiet enjoyment not giving a fuck. His focus is on freedom, happiness, and contentment.

This is the life I’ve created for myself over the last seven years. It is a good life. (Good is the key word)

But I have this nagging feeling that I actually have to fight on a daily basis. This nagging feeling is that there is MORE.

Could a simple life be settling?
A good life is not a great life.

Now, let’s move on to person #2…

A representation of person #2 can be found in this short clip from the TV Show Billions:

Billions is my absolute favorite TV show. If you haven’t seen it, get Showtime and watch the first two seasons on demand. I promise you’ll love it.

In this particular clip, billionaire Bobby Axelrod shares how he thinks about life with one of his employees. His employee is conflicted about how to live – a good life vs. a great life.

At around the 2:30 mark, Axelrod says…

“We’ve got one life, so do it all.”


I realize this is a character in a TV show, but the thinking is accurate. We do only have one life and we get to choose exactly how we want to live. We can live a good life, or a great life.

The nagging feeling that I fight is –> I WANT TO DO IT ALL and that I may regret living a simple life.

This is when I realized Axelrod’s advice actually applies to ME. (It might also apply to you, too!)

We can be both people. We can live a simple life AND do it all – at the same time. We don’t have to choose one over the other.

So….I’m going to start doing it all.

And this includes starting new businesses and playing the game as best as I possibly can!

Why don’t you join me?

Next week I’m hosting my first webinar in several years and I’ll be highlighting a new business I’m starting. I honestly haven’t been this excited about a business opportunity in a long time.

You can register to attend this webinar at:

    6 replies to "A Tale of Two Robs"

    • Toni Kuilan

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the invitation, the opportunity and the info on Billionaire. I’ve used Air BnB at my multifamily home in Puerto Rico and it was great. I had the opportunity of using it in Tampa, Fl. as a guest in a home and it was a great opportunity. I always recommend them because I know how they work but didn’t know there was an opportunity to work with them and make money as a business. So I will be on the webinar.

      Thanks again,


      • Robert Minton

        Toni… there is a BIG opportunity to turn Airbnb into a new income stream! I think you’ll love the webinar!

    • Gary Wyman

      Hi Rob,

      I signed up for the webinar. Always looking for new money making ideas in the real estate field here in Wisconsin. Can you send me over any more details about the biz I can look over this weekend. I am impatient. Gary

      • Robert Minton

        Gary, Unfortunately I don’t have any PDFs for reports to study prior to the webinar. I’m sorry! I think the wait will be worth it for you! Talk on Wednesday!

    • Gord Merrick

      Hi Rob.

      is this biz op an MLM?


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